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Extractors are a necessity for any shape, size and style kitchen. They are essential for keeping away unwanted moisture and odours allowing you to cook and dine with comfort. At Ream we have a diverse range of extractor fans that are not only designed with functionality in mind but are equally as beautiful.

These days having an extractor fan does not have to be as obtrusive to your kitchen’s design as you may believe. You could opt for a subtle approach with a ceiling extractor like the Blanco Campo II Extractor by Gutmann. Surprise guests with the impressive Elica Elite 26 Built in Extractor. You may prefer an appliance that provides a focal point within your bespoke kitchen. Stand out from the crowd with the Elica Celestial Extractor or the Blanco Futura Downdraft Extractor by Gutmann. Use the power of lighting with the Elica Celestial Extractor to illuminate your cooking area. Extractors are a perfect way to create a warming atmosphere, whether it’s for an elegant dinner party or a romantic night in for two.

At Ream we have a range of extractors so you can find one that gives your kitchen a finishing touch. We will help you find a style of fan that fits in with your custom fitted kitchen’s design as effortlessly as we provide them. Visit one of our showrooms to talk to a professional and see the selection for yourself.

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