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A kitchen is so much more than a place for cooking food. It's a place to relax, socialise, and make memories that will last a lifetime. That being said, when it comes to preparing fantastic meals for you, your family and guests to enjoy, you’ll undoubtedly want a great set of appliances that you can count on.

You know your cooking habits better than anyone, and our aim at Ream Interiors is to create a kitchen setup that's perfect for you. When you meet with one of our talented designers, they'll talk through your requirements and lifestyle to get a thorough understanding of how you use your kitchen on a day-to-day basis. Armed with this information, they will work with you to find a brilliant set of appliances to make mealtimes a breeze whatever your budget.



Here at Ream Interiors, we can’t wait to share with you the exciting possibilities our AEG appliances can bring to your home. Whether you love cooking up impressive feasts or creating delicious bakes for your family, we have the perfect stylish and reliable AEG appliances to complement your individual cooking style. German appliance manufacturers AEG pride themselves on their ability to look forward, predicting, innovating and striving for change in order to bring you the kitchen and home appliances of tomorrow today. They have been pioneering the ‘perfekt in form und funktion’ philosophy established by architect founder Peter Behrens for over 130 years, resulting in the continual invention of high-performance appliances that combine intelligent technology, responsive design and sophisticated looks.


SteamPro With Command Wheel

Create delicious professional-quality meals with AEG’s automatic Steamify technology and clean up in a jiffy with the AEG steam clean system.


Warming Drawer

AEG’s versatile warming drawer will up your cooking game. Keep food warm, perfectly prove bread dough and heat plates for your whole dinner party.


Hob2Hood Hands-Free Hood

Combining powerful, quiet extraction with automatic fan and lighting sensors, AEG’s cooking hood allows you to focus on what really matters.


Your AEG Smart Kitchen

Remotely control your appliances with the My AEG Kitchen app. Save recipes, check your fridge and keep an eye on your oven with the latest smart technology.


Cooking with Neff appliances allows you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. At Ream Interiors, we are delighted to partner with Neff to bring our clients an unrivalled level of flexibility, control and originally that makes for truly inspired cooking and wonderfully memorable meals. Neff’s reliable and exciting appliances are simply ideal for all the family. Know one understands that the kitchen is the heart of the home better than Neff. Their fantastic state-of-the-art appliances are designed with you in mind, enthusing your kitchen with a magic that will encourage all the family to embrace new and delicious pursuits. Creativity meets control while elegance meets excitement, bringing you the best of both worlds when it comes to unlocking the potential of your gorgeous new kitchen.


Slide & Hide Oven

Neff’s Slide & Hide oven allows you to get closer to your cooking than ever before. Safe, convenient, and ergonomic, the Slide & Hide oven is one of a kind.


Twistpad Fire Hobs

Make burnt meals and pans boiling over a thing of the past with Neff’s lighting fast TwistPad Fire. Control the temperature of your hob with the sweep of a dial.


Creative Slim Hood

Fill your kitchen with delectable aromas, bustling sounds and vibrant glowing light. Neff’s Creative Slim Hoods transform your cooking experience.


Home Connect

Experience the ultimate in convenience with Neff’s home connected appliances. Waste less food, time & energy, and discover new ways to enjoy your kitchen.


The Bora Extractor Hob is the original integrated downdraft venting hob. As pioneers in the industry, Bora has revolutionised the kitchen, encouraging us to get more from our cooking as we can now cook with a clear view surrounded by pure and fresh air. The integrated cooktop extractor promotes unlimited design freedom as well as extraordinary functionality. There has never been a more sleek, sophisticated and practical solution to kitchen extraction. The Bora hob works by creating a crossflow that is stronger than the speed at which cooking vapours rise. This basic principle of fluid mechanics can be applied whether you prefer an exhaust or recirculation system. Removing the vapours at their source prevents any unpleasant cooking odours from entering your room in the first place, guaranteeing the most effective results.


Bora Professional 3.0

Bora’s award-winning premium cooktop. The Bora Professional offers an extra deep cooking surface as well as exceptionally powerful and quiet extraction.


Bora Classic 2.0

The intuitive Bora Classic with its slimline central extractor is absolutely as sleek as it looks. This high-performance hob can be paired with your chosen cooktops.


Bora X Pure

Featuring a stylish integrated extractor, the Bora X Pure makes an impressive and functional choice for those looking for a state-of-the-art induction hob.


Bora Pure

Add a personal touch to your cooktop with a customised colour extractor. The Bora Pure makes a fantastically versatile choice for a range of homes.


At Ream Interiors, our clients and designers alike love the Quooker boiling water tap. The Quooker tap really is the tap that does it all, and its sleek, safe and easy to use design makes it the ideal addition to any kitchen. Producing boiling water at the touch of a button, the Quooker tap is ideal for impressing guests as well as making your day-to-day experience more convenient. And with the Quooker CUBE, you can now enjoy chilled filtered and sparkling water too. Doing away with an electric kettle, the Quooker tap will streamline your kitchen while saving electricity and reducing water waste. Its many specially designed safety features make it suitable for all the family. Find out more about the fantastic Quooker tap by clicking here to read our blog.



Enjoy boiling hot water alongside Quooker’s most highly functional and versatile tap design, the Flex. The hose attachment makes washing up so much easier!



One of Quooker’s most popular tap designs, the Fusion is a classic choice when it comes to style and practicality. The Fusion tap comes in a gorgeous range of finishes.


Nordic Taps

The original and most affordable Quooker tap, the Nordic single or double tap offers the same great benefits while keeping your traditional mixer tap separate.


Quooker Cube

Pair with the Flex, Fusion or Nordic tap to enjoy chilled, filtered and sparkling water instantly. Save on bottled water and add a little luxury to your home.

Supporting Brands At Ream Interiors

Our range of luxurious kitchen appliances from world-leading brands.

Whether you love baking for your family or cooking up fantastic five-course feasts, we’ve got an exceptional range of reliable and stylish kitchen appliances to suit every lifestyle and budget. Our supporting brands Zanussi, Siemens, Smeg and Caple are ideal for those looking to bring the ultimate in efficiency to their kitchen.

From steam cooking ovens that deliver perfect results to the most effective dishwashers, our superb range can transform your kitchen. So whether you’re happy to while away the hours perfecting your pastry, or you need dinner ready in a jiffy, your new kitchen will always exceed your expectations. You can explore some of our fantastic appliances for yourself by visiting our Kent kitchen showroom. Click here to find out more about planning your visit.



Inventors of the first gas cooker and the first auto-defrosting fridge, Zanussi has played a leading role in the development of household appliances for over 100 years. To this day, they are still innovating and developing products to make our lives easier. Their award-winning oven series is one of the best on the market, including amazing self-cleaning and air frying technology. Despite their prestigious background, Zanussi strives to provide high-quality products for fantastic affordable prices. Here at Ream Interiors, we’re keen to ensure our clients find their perfect kitchen whatever their budget, and that’s why we love working with Zanussi and their reliable, innovative, great value appliances.


Induction Hobs

Zanussi’s responsive and efficient state-of-the-art induction hobs feature the latest technology to ensure fast, flexible and safe cooking.


Series 40 Airfry Ovens

Creating deliciously crisp and light dishes, Zanussi’s AirFry oven is a game-changer. Even air circulation cooks food perfectly for gorgeous fried texture.


Twintech Fridges

Inventors of the first auto-defrosting system; Zanussi’s impressive TwinTech fridge freezers maintain optimum humidity for the freshest results.


XXL Washing Machines

Boasting a host of helpful settings and features and a huge 10kg capacity, Zanussi’s superb auto-adjusting washing machines make doing laundry a doddle.


When it comes to cutting-edge style, ground-breaking design and precision-engineered innovation, Siemens are the experts. Siemens impressive kitchen technologies do more than simply enhance your cooking; they transform your home and elevate your lifestyle, introducing you to a new way of living. At Ream Interiors, we’re proud to showcase some of their most inspiring products. Siemen’s appliances undoubtedly embody the German approach to design and engineering. Bringing together a clean and distinctive visual language with revolutionary technology and unwavering reliability, Siemen’s products are intended to push the boundaries of how you experience your kitchen on a daily basis. Their fantastic products offer the amazing potential to take your stunning new kitchen to the next level.


Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Achieve barista-style coffee with Siemen’s luxury coffee machines. With an automatic Sensor and CeramDrive technology, coffee perfection is closer than you think.


Inductionair Plus Hob

The InductionAir Plus opens up a new world of possibilities for your kitchen. Integrated extraction allows you to position your hob anywhere in your space.


Hyperfresh Refridgeration

Keep food fresh for 3x longer and save money as well as the environment with a smart fridge. Check the contents using your phone, so you never overbuy.


Siemens Studioline

Discover exquisite style and functionality with Siemen’s award-winning Studioline. The range is distinguished by exceptional design features.


From Ferrari to Dolce & Gabbana, when it comes to style and sophistication, no one does it better than the Italians. Of course, the 1950s-style Smeg fridge is truly iconic. However, combining technology, attention to detail and eye-catching, contemporary looks, Smeg have a whole host of other fantastic cutting-edge kitchen appliances to choose from. Pioneering unrivalled elegance and originality, Smeg’s diverse range of unique aesthetic lines and classic collections have something to suit every taste. Despite the undeniable Italian flair and passion for design that runs through their products, the quality and precision at the heart of Smeg’s appliances have earned them prestigious recognition on a global scale. Smeg’s award-winning kitchen technologies are simply as joyous to use as they are to admire.


Pyrolytic Cleaning Ovens

Opt for a timeless stainless-steel design or add a touch of glamour with a back and copper finish. Smeg’s self-cleaning ovens are practical and stylish.


Smeg's Vitality System

Pairing a combi-steam oven, blast chiller, and vacuum drawer, Smeg’s vitality system brings nutritious and delicious restaurant-quality food to your home.


Beautiful Gas Hobs

You may not think of a hob as beautiful, but Smeg’s exquisite Piano and Dolce Stil Novo collections epitomise elegance and sophistication.


Stylish Refridgerators

Smeg is undoubtedly known for its quirky 1950’s refrigerators. However, their sleek modern designs also make a fantastic efficient and reliable choice.


As a comparatively new appliance retailer, Caple has had to work hard to earn its reputation as a trusted leading manufacturer. Based in Bristol, Caple specialises in creating innovative, reliable and distinctly stylish products for great value for money. Their attention to detail and beautiful design undoubtedly sets their appliances apart. Perhaps best known for their gorgeous taps and state-of-the-art wine coolers, it was somewhat of a surprise when Ideal Home Kitchen Award’s announced their C2600 smart oven as winner of the best large appliance category, or at least it would have been if it wasn’t for the fact we know how fantastic their cutting-edge appliances are! Caple continues to combine innovation, reliability and gorgeous style for impressive prices.


Dualzone Wine Cabinet

Whether you require Champagne on ice or an ambient Burgundy, Caple’s beautiful dual zone wine fridges allow you to achieve both at the same time.


Sense Pyrolytic Oven

Caple’s premium award-winning oven, the Sense C2600, offers a host of features, including WiFi connectivity, meat thermometer and MotionHeat+ technology.


Reliable Dishwashers

When it comes to dishwashers, reliability key, and that's where Caple’s simple yet effective range excels. With several settings, what more could you need?


Stylish Refridgerators

Perfect for speeding up cooking and making hot drinks, Caple’s stylish steam taps produce 98-degree hot water, creating one convenient solution to your needs.

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