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A Guide On Bedroom Installations- How To Prepare And What To Expect

Our guide on bedroom installations will talk you through everything you need to know about the process so that you can have complete peace of mind that your installation will go smoothly with the least disruption to your home.

At Ream we offer bespoke bedroom interiors to suit you perfectly and this means that every bedroom we design will be a little different, this will have a bearing on your individual installation experience, however, we will make sure we clearly explain these differences as we go through the guide.

Arranging Delivery Of Your Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Once you are completely happy and have signed off your final bedroom design our installation manager will agree with you a date and time for delivery and fitting to take place. The duration of the installation will depend on your bespoke design and will be made clear to you when agreeing upon a date. More often Athan not the installation will begin immediately after our team have unloaded the furniture, on the very same day of your delivery.

Our expert team will get all the goods into position ready for the installation to begin, protecting any floors or stairways they might have to traverse along the way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With every bedroom we install we undertake a thorough process of quality control from the very beginning. We check everything off from our list of components, not only ensuring we have everything required but also making sure each item meets our exacting standards.

How To Prepare A Bedroom For Fitted Furniture

A week or so before your agreed delivery and installation date you will need to do a few things to prepare. Some of these preparations will vary depending on your individual bedroom design, however, the one thing we need all our customers to do is to remove all personal belongings from the room. This means emptying wardrobes and drawers, removing any ornaments or artworks that might be damaged and moving any soft furnishings to a suitable space. You will also need to remove your bed; we recommend ideally using a spare bedroom whilst the installation takes place.

Further preparations will depend on your unique design. You may need electrical work, wallpaper stripping or plastering carried out in advance of your delivery and installation, bear in mind plasterwork will need time to dry etc. Any of these services can be arranged and managed by Ream Interiors through our trusted tradespeople and details including costs will be clearly outlined in your quotation. Alternatively, you may prefer to organise these additional works yourself, however this does mean you take full responsibility for ensuring the work is complete before your agreed installation date.

Likewise, you may need to remove and dispose of your existing furniture and carpets. We can arrange this for you and will factor the process into your installation time and your quotation, or you can undertake this yourself.

Please note, we recommend that any new carpet fitting is carried out after installation. This avoids furniture settlement; this is where the furniture sinks into the soft carpet over time leaving a gap as much as 10-15mm above the fitting. Carpet grippers around the perimeter of the room can additionally cause furniture to tilt. Laying your carpet after installation also means the flooring will be simple to remove and replace should you wish to change it in the future.

Bespoke Bedroom Installation

With each item of furniture thoroughly checked and ready and waiting in the relevant room, our expert fitters can begin their task of bringing your beautiful new bedroom to life. Your fitter will have been fully briefed and will have received detailed plans, 3D renders and internal layouts for your bespoke design so you can rest assured they have everything needed to carry out a flawless installation.

To make the installation process as efficient as possible most of your furniture will be delivered pre-assembled. However, due to their large size, some items and components such as wardrobes, end panels and plinths will be delivered in panel form. Some of these will then need to be cut to size. All our installers use saws fitted with dust extraction, nevertheless, wherever possible cutting will be carried out outside to minimise dust and noise disruption. Once your installation is complete your fitter will vacuum and clean out all of your new furniture to remove any traces of dust, ready for you to return all your belongings to their new home.

Where infill panels are used our fitter must put small pencil marks on the wall and while these tiny marks can be erased or touched up, we generally recommend painting and decorating works are done once the installation is complete. Our expert installers will treat your home with the utmost respect and care, but due to the nature of moving tall items around the room and positioning furniture against the walls, some minor marks may occur. Decorating after your installation will guarantee completely flawless results to perfectly complement your stunning new bedroom.

Upon completion of your bedroom installation, our project manager will invite you to join them in carrying out a final review alongside your fitter. We hope you are over the moon with your new bedroom however we won’t be going anywhere until you have signed off the work to confirm it meets your high standards. Should you need any aftercare or support further down the line we will always be happy to help.

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