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What Lighting Options Do I Have For My Kitchen?

The perfect lighting scheme should provide the brightness required to prepare food safely while establishing the right mood throughout the day. A well-considered, stylish and practical combination of lighting will transform your space, taking your kitchen to the next level. But how exactly do you achieve a stunning lighting scheme, I hear you ask. The key is to layer different types of lighting to suit your individual needs. You’ll need to consider how you intend to use your space in order to establish where you need more focused task lighting and atmospheric ambient lighting. Next, you can look at introducing accent lighting to add visual interest. It’s worth planning your lighting scheme alongside your kitchen design. This is the best way to maximise the potential of your space and avoid missed opportunities further down the line. In this article, we’ll explain the different types of lighting in more detail and list the options available to include in your kitchen.

Types Of Kitchen Lighting

Task Lighting

As you’ve probably guessed, task lighting illuminates the areas of your kitchen that you need to see clearly to carry out an activity. This generally includes your main work surface, hob, and sink. It’s important to consider task lighting carefully, as it can significantly impact how safe your kitchen is to use. The most common types of task lighting are under-cabinet lights and downlights. Low-profile under-cabinet lights are not only practical but are also aesthetically pleasing, bringing a warm background glow to your space. We recommend the Targa from Leyton Lighting. Pendant lights and wall lights are also sometimes used as task lighting in combination with spotlights or recessed downlights.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is designed to bring a soft layer of light to your room. It should provide a level of brightness during the day, supplementing your task lighting. However, it’s in the evening that it really comes into its own. Cosy ambient lighting should create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing with friends and family. Types of ambient lighting include dimmable downlights, pendant lights, wall sconces and valance lighting.

The latest smart lighting allows you to control the brightness of your space using an app on your phone. For example, you can turn up the lights while preparing food before setting the perfect mood later in the evening. What’s more, you don’t need a big space to establish a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere. Sleek, unobtrusive under-cabinet lights and plinth lights can bring a lovely glow to a compact kitchen. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is where you can really get creative, as its only real function is to make your kitchen look fabulous! Accent lighting is often used to draw attention to your favourite design features. That could be anything, including interesting architecture, artwork, glass cabinets, dining areas, a cocktail bar, or your kitchen island. Plinth lights, wall lights, internal cabinet and drawer lights, spotlights, pendant lights and even neon signs can all add a stylish accent to your design. In some cases, they may double up as task and ambient lighting too.

Lighting Design Tip – Work With Your Ceiling Height

If you are lucky enough to have high or even vaulted ceilings, you’ll want to use them to your advantage! A pair of feature pendants can create a stunning symmetrical focal point, accentuating the dimensions of your space. Alternatively, a light shade with a reflective finish will encourage sunlight to bounce across the room, creating a dazzling feature.

Your Kitchen Lighting Options

Chandeliers & Pendant Lights

Pendant lights look great positioned above an island, peninsula, or dining area. As well as illuminating the counter so you can see to prepare food, they can also bring a gorgeous glow to your space while accentuating your chosen feature. With so many different designs and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect style to complement your kitchen. Odd numbers always look best. We recommend three medium-sized pendant lights for a 24000mm island. If you’re looking to make a truly striking design statement, you might even consider a dramatic chandelier.

Recess Lighting 

Slim profile LED lighting can be used to enhance various areas of your kitchen, such as handle trims, plinths, over cabinets, under cabinets, shelves, and niches. Opting for a dimmable design ensures its suitable for all times of the day. Sleek recessed lighting will bring a sophisticated, streamlined feel to your kitchen, making it ideal for a modern interior. Choose from a range of warm, cool, neutral and colour-changing options.

Lighting Cabinet Interiors

There’s something rather luxurious about opening your cupboard to find the contents swathed in light. Especially when you know it’s something only you get to see. Not only does an elegantly illuminated pantry look stunning, but it also makes it much easier to find what you need. Alternatively, introducing internal lighting to a glazed cupboard will elevate your kitchen for all to see. A glowing glazed cabinet makes the perfect place to show off your best glassware. Many manufacturers offer bespoke internal lighting solutions. However, dotless LED strip lights can achieve a similar look for a fraction of the price.

Kitchen Drawer Lighting

Should you wish, you can bring the same gorgeous glow to your drawers. A simple LED soft strip positioned in the right location will make your silverware sparkle. You can also wire a switch or motion sensor up to the soft strip to automatically turns the light off when the drawers are closed and vice versa.

There are so many ways to elevate your kitchen using lighting. From enhancing your space practically to setting the perfect relaxing mood, lighting can play a pivotal role in your design. We always encourage our clients to consider their lighting options as soon as they start planning their kitchen to ensure they make the most of every opportunity. If you need any further advice on achieving a fantastic lighting scheme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our showroom on 01634 799 909 or email us at [email protected].

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