04 - Forge Lodge Bungalow

Mr & Mrs Clough’s Luxury Dove Grey Traditional Kitchen


A high-quality kitchen showcasing timeless elegance and featuring a stunning Pimento island.

The Client’s Brief

Our client wanted a stand-out kitchen to accentuate their newly renovated bungalow. Understanding their passion for entertaining and spending quality time with family, we meticulously crafted a design that revolved around a striking central island.

The Project

The elegant shaker cabinetry is the foundation of this Mornington beaded kitchen, creating a space that is sophisticated yet timeless. Choosing bright Pimento to colour the centrepiece of the kitchen creates a stunning focal point. The vibrant island adds a charming sense of personality and character, whilst also providing ample storage. These tones are brought together by the white marble worktops that surround the space, not only adding to the look of sophistication but also helping reflect light into all areas of this kitchen.


The green breakfast seat cushions mixed with the elegant gold tap add a lovely contrast to the overall theme, creating a space that feels warm and inviting.

Beautifully photographed by Click Create Photography and Design.

Comment From The Designer

“Mr. and Mrs. Clough had a unique vision for their new kitchen and utility space. With a pristine canvas to work with, they were eager to infuse the area with vibrancy, personality, and an undeniable wow factor that would seamlessly complement their breathtaking new home. By featuring a shaker-style door adorned with a tasteful blend of three distinct colours – Cashmere, Dove Grey, and Pimento – the kitchen exuded a timeless charm infused with a touch of eccentricity. The selection of worktops played a pivotal role, strategically introducing a delightful interplay of patterns and hues throughout the room.”

– Lucy Gentle, Designer


Key Features

  • Pimento accent
  • Shaker cabinet doors
  • Maximised storage