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Mr & Mrs Kerslake’s Modern Multifunctional Home Office


The Client’s Brief

Mr and Mrs Kerslake were looking for a dedicated and productive workspace within their home. With two young children, they needed to have a separate area where he could focus on work uninterrupted.

Despite space constraints, they required this area to be sufficiently spacious for work purposes while maintaining a sleek design that allows the room to double as a guest bedroom. The space must be efficiently designed to maximise functionality without compromising on style, ensuring a seamless transition between a home office and a welcoming space for guests.

The Project

This home office, designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, features the Aldana door range in marine, providing a deep, elegant colour that enriches the room’s character. The layout includes a mix of open and closed storage, where the open shelving allows for personal touches and decorative displays, adding warmth and personality to the space. The closed cupboards and drawers offer ample room to stow away paperwork and essentials, maintaining a clutter-free workspace. Brushed nickel handles on the storage units add a sleek, contemporary touch, contrasting beautifully with the rich, dark cabinetry. A natural Lincoln walnut worktop spans the length of the workspace, offering a durable and spacious area for tasks and lending a touch of organic texture that complements the modern marine hue.

Practicality is at the forefront with a desk that accommodates a comfortable working chair and all necessary electronics, positioned to take advantage of natural light from the window. The strategic placement of the desk, along with a tailored floor mat, defines the work area within the room, maintaining separation from the rest of the space. This office design adeptly balances the needs of a professional environment with the welcoming feel of home, suitable for focused work as well as accommodating guests.


The Kerslakes sought a versatile area that could serve as a home office and a guest bedroom when required. At Ream, our designers meticulously crafted a custom home office setup that integrates both open shelving and closed storage solutions. This thoughtful design ensures the room stays spacious and free of clutter, allowing them the flexibility to adapt the space to their needs. Whether functioning as a productive workspace or transforming into a welcoming guest bedroom, the seamless adaptability of this room meets Kerslake’s requirements with elegance and efficiency.

Comment From The Designer

“Alex and Katie, who regularly work from home and foresee continuing this arrangement, recognised the need for a more dedicated study space. Previously confined to working at the dining room table, Alex found the interruptions from his young children, who didn’t grasp his work commitments, particularly challenging. To address this, they decided to convert one of their bedrooms into a dual-purpose space: a private office that could also serve as a guest bedroom when needed.

In a compact section of the room, we designed an elegant and striking office setup that includes ample storage and drawers, ensuring a comfortable workspace without overwhelming the area. To maintain the room’s dual functionality and aesthetic appeal, we decorated the remaining space in a way that complements the office area. This approach not only ensures a professional backdrop for video calls but also creates a pleasant and cohesive ambience, making it an inviting place to work from home.”.

-Lara, designer


Key Features

  • Aldana door range in Marine
  • Brushed nickel handles
  • Natural Lincoln walnut worktop