Mr & Mrs Lee’s Stunning Handleless Kitchen


The Client’s Brief

Mr. and Mrs. Lee embarked on a mission to breathe new life into their dated dark walnut kitchen. With a distinct vision in mind, they opted for a transformative approach. By tearing down the dividing wall that once separated their kitchen and dining area, they successfully crafted a radiant and expansive kitchen-dining space. This redesign fulfilled their dream of creating a versatile social hub, seamlessly blending functionality with an abundance of space, perfectly suited for their love of cooking.

The Project

Integrating their former kitchen and dining room has created a light, bright and airy ambience. This transformation not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides our clients with the freedom to move about with ease.

The white gloss finish accentuates the radiant atmosphere, with light reflecting off of the quartz countertops and diffusing into all areas of the room. This clever design choice also aligns with the clean and seamless look Mr and Mrs Lee envisioned. The pared-back colour palette harmonises seamlessly with the elegant wooden flooring, bringing a warm and homely touch to the space.



The Quooker Pro3 Flex tap in chrome elevates the space. It provides impeccable functionality and introduces a pleasing metallic accent. This space also showcases our mastery in tailoring this environment to Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s unique lifestyle. We have expertly crafted a dedicated cabinet to house Mr. Lee’s coffee machine, complete with his curated selection of premium coffee blends, ensuring their space seamlessly aligns with their daily rituals.

Comment From The Designer

‘To increase the light within the room, Mr & Mrs Lee decided to knock down the wall between the current kitchen and dining room. As a popular host for all different types of events with friends and family as well as charity events, opening up the space would create a social and inviting area. Now, their kitchen is not just for cooking but also for spending time together. It’s a place where style and usefulness combine, making it perfect for both cooking and enjoying company.’

– Lucy Gentle, Designer

Key Features

  • Quooker Pro3 Flex tap
  • White quartz worktop
  • Personalised cabinetry