Mr & Mrs Palmer’s Vibrant On-Trend Second Bedroom


“The green colour is something we would never have thought of before, but once Lara showed us the design, we absolutely loved how different it was from anything else in our home!” – Mr & Mrs Palmer.

The Client’s Brief

As a second bedroom, our clients Mr and Mrs Palmer were keen to go for something a little different and a bit more creative. Having recently downsized, making the most of the storage space was an absolute must.

The Project

Our designer Lara took Mr and Mrs Palmer out of their comfort zone when introducing them to the distinctive Fjord Green finish. The risk undoubtedly paid off. The soft green wardrobes and plush yellow sofa create a vibrant and on-trend bedroom that doubles up as a luxurious dressing room.



A full stretch of floor-to-ceiling units offers exceptional storage capacity. The sleek and seamless built-in design creates the illusion that they are part of the room, preventing the space from feeling cluttered and claustrophobic.


Life After The Journey

Mr and Mrs Palmer absolutely love the look of their new space. They were really pleased they stuck with their brief to go for something unique.

Key Features

  • Soft Green Wardrobes
  • Plush Yellow Sofa
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Units