Minimalist White Kitchen

Mr & Mrs Thomsen’s Minimalist White Kitchen


The Client’s Brief

Mr and Mrs Thomsen were looking for a kitchen design aesthetic that blended with the rest of their home interior, looking for muted colours but with a few impressive touches to set it apart. Our talented team created this bespoke handleless kitchen, which effortlessly combines simplicity and striking design, resulting in a pristine and open atmosphere. Mr and Mrs Thomsen were delighted with the final outcome of their project and were pleased with how our design team had crafted a modern interior that seamlessly blended with the aesthetic with the rest of the house.

Minimalist White Kitchen

The Project

Mr and Mrs Thomsen were delighted with the contemporary style of their kitchen, particularly the various choice of cabinetry finishes. As the linen-effect finish surrounding the oven makes a remarkable design statement within the overall aesthetic. Initially apprehensive about using a BORA hob, which integrates the extraction system into the hob itself, they were thrilled with the innovative technology and expressed that they “would never look back.” The sleek and seamless finish of the hob added to the minimalist design, creating a flawless kitchen that embodies style, functionality, and finesse.

With deep sliding drawers providing efficient storage solutions, this design is both practical and beautiful. Its streamlined aesthetic imparts a sense of modern sophistication that perfectly aligns with their home interior and the contemporary ambience they desire.


The pristine Caple flutier chrome tap takes pride of place in this design as it is beautifully positioned in front of the window. Offering an appealing viewpoint while you’re washing up, this flawless curved tap not only adds a touch of functional elegance to the space but also invites an abundance of natural light to dance upon its polished surface, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality in the heart of the kitchen.

Comment From The Designer

‘Mr & Mrs Thomsen wanted a simple and sophisticated space that spoke to the rest of their home. The main design aspect of their kitchen was the gorgeous linen cabinets. They work perfectly with the other natural materials in the kitchen. The couple love how their new kitchen colour palette brightens up the space and how, by having no wall cabinets, the room feels and looks much bigger!’

– Lara Kerslake, Designer


Key Features

  • BORA Hob
  • Standout Linen-finish Cabinet
  • Caple Flutier Tap