Mr Newton’s Modern Media Centre And Office Space


The Client’s Brief

After transforming his garage into an additional room, Mr Newton sought to create an office space that was comfortable and conducive to his full-time work-from-home lifestyle. Our design team at Ream Interiors exceeded his expectations, delivering a space that supports his professional needs and offers a cosy retreat for his children. They fondly refer to it as “the snug,” a versatile haven where they can unwind and enjoy their favourite TV shows. Mr Newton was thoroughly impressed with the dual functionality of the design, which seamlessly blends professional efficiency with personal comfort.

The Project

Functionality is at the heart of this design, with fitted office furniture presenting modern practicality that seamlessly blends style and utility. The layout is thoughtfully arranged to promote productivity and relaxation within the space. For the office and media centre, Mr Newton selected the Zola cabinetry range, blending a minimalist dust grey with a soft matte indigo finish. This combination seamlessly unites work and leisure spaces with a modern aesthetic and using colour as an intelligent way to section the spaces. The desk surface provides a generous working area for Mr Newton to use his widescreen monitor. The large, floor-to-ceiling cabinets behind offer additional storage, keeping office supplies out of sight but within easy reach.

In terms of aesthetics, this space strikes a balance between a modern office and a cosy den. Overall, the design creates a visually pleasing space, one that responds to the needs of a dynamic lifestyle, where work, rest, and play coexist.


The centrepiece of the room is an elegantly designed media unit, which gracefully accommodates a large screen, ideally situated for optimal viewing from either the office chair or the cosy mustard-yellow sofa. The colour palette chosen for this design seamlessly blends with Mr Newton’s personal accessories, creating a harmonious and visually appealing environment. The cabinetry, finished in a contemporary matte indigo, is accented with copper-toned handles that inject a subtle industrial chic vibe. The storage compartments are symmetrically designed around the screen, offering ample space for display items and media equipment, while maintaining a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.


Key Features

  • Zola soft matte cabinetry in dust grey & indigo
  • Light grey worktop