Mr Round & Ms Frecker’s Luxurious Classic Master Bathroom


“Working with Mr Round and Ms Frecker was an utter pleasure. This sumptuous classic bathroom is easily one of my favourite designs!” – Gayle Bond, Designer

Our Client’s Brief

Our wonderful Gillingham clients Mr Round and Ms Frecker were excited to create a bathroom that would feel really special. They were keen to establish a real stand out design that would still reflect their desire to achieve a timeless and elegant feel. They certainly found themselves in safe hands with our award-winning bathroom designer Gayle.

The Project

A rich blue colour scheme sets a majestic tone to the room. The bold palette creates a wonderful sense of drama while still looking classic and sophisticated. Vintage Belgravia chrome fixtures add a luxurious traditional touch, and a stunning patterned tile floor brings the whole space together. This classically inspired interior will undoubtedly stand the test of time for years to come.


Our talented design Gayle suggested positioning the bath against a new specially built angled wall. The tiled wall hides plumbing, allows for the addition of a handy and stylish niche and makes a fantastic quirky focal point to the room.

Life After The Journey

Mr Round and Ms Frecker really enjoyed working with Gayle and were delighted to find that their stunning new bathroom was even more spacious and luxurious than they could have imagined.


Key Features

  • Tiled Feature Wall
  • Stunning Patterned Floor
  • Rich Blue Colour Scheme