Increase the Value of your home

Need more space but can’t afford to move?

Or do you want to sell your house on?

The best option is to really make the most of what you have. The biggest need and want for homeowners is now space as apposed to destination. Bigger rooms are the top of the list when shopping for a new home. Since ever rising house deposits many people aren’t always in a position to move. There is another option though, look at what you can be doing to improve you current home and where you can add value.

Things to consider:


An extension, 95% of the time is going to add value, We advise you to shop around and check local house prices to understand how much value another kitchen, bathroom or bedroom will add to your property, be careful not to overdevelop.


If you need more space another option is a conservatory. They can be a quick, cheaper way to add space and another room and they generally don’t require planning permission to build. 

Planning permission

Research before you submit your plan as it ‘typically costs around £300 even if it is not approved. You would need to look at the other properties on your street, this will give you an idea of the type of projects that are likely to get planning permission in your area.

Internal changes

Extensions are expensive, so first consider whether you can increase the space and potential of your property by changing the internal layout instead. Removing or moving internal walls can make a big difference and far cheaper than building a new room. You must check that the wall in question is not load baring before you go knocking out walls though.

Side extensions

A side extension can add floor space and are a far cheaper way of opening up space.


Weigh up the value of your garden VS an extension. Large gardens are hard to come by these days and reducing the size can actually reduce value rather than increase it. Always make sure you aren’t cutting off too much outside space as this is an important factor when coming to sell.

Be aware…

Some improvements won’t add value but will break even and give the rooms a better flow with more space but stay away from the following to ensure you don’t decrease value: Losing a bedroom in your property, for any reason, will devalue your house. If you’re considering losing a bedroom in order to create a bathroom or study….. Don’t Do It!

Garish and ‘unique’ kitchens and bathrooms will not appeal for the majority, be unique but careful not to go overboard, try to stay neutral.

Big bold, bright colours, animal print etc are a no, no if you want to sell, you may like it but the chances are others won’t so keep it simple and neutral.

Tips to add value:

1. Bedroom ideas

Whether you extend the house or split a bigger bedroom into two, more rooms means more money.

Having a fitted bedroom means you will utilise a lot of wasted space and it will look far neater than free standing units.

Adding an ensuite to bigger bedrooms is a great way to entice a buyer or for you the convenience of having an ensuite is a huge benefit. Add a bathroom or toilet a downstairs toilet is a huge plus, especially if you have guests.

2. Make it open plan

A separate kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms are nice but close off the room and make it feel smaller.

Knock down that wall and make it open plan to make the house feel bigger open plan kitchen/diners and even living rooms are the current must have, think about creating a beautiful ‘entertaining’ area with centre island, dining table and breakfast bar so your family or guests can socialise with you whilst you cook, drink and prepare.

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