Storage Ideas For Your Living Room!

As your living room is one of the most used rooms in your home, it’s very common for belongings to build up over the years. Adding storage that also looks appealing can be a bit of a challenge. Figuring out how to fit everything you need into your space, including large furniture like sofas, can be tricky. Since every household requires different amounts of storage, bespoke options are a great way to ensure your storage suits you and your needs.

Make Your Dead Space Work!

By building storage into unused space, you won’t feel as if you have lost anything from the room. With a mix of open and concealed cupboards, you can store anything from books to toys and games all in one place. Especially in older properties, there are usually alcoves on either side of the chimney, these offer a great opportunity to introduce bespoke storage. If you are trying to make your living room multi-functional, consider including a lower, wider shelf which could double as a home office desk if needed.

Working With A Smaller Space

Selecting pieces that offer both practicality and looks is vital, especially if you are struggling for space. For example, choosing a stylish coffee table that offers storage is a great way to create a practical and clutter-free living room.

Seamlessly integrating storage into your design can help give the illusion of a bigger space. Storage doesn’t have to become the focal point of the room. Finishing your cabinets in the same or similar colour to your walls can help disguise them. Maximise space by utilising the height of your room and opting for taller pieces.

Make The Most Of Your Bay Windows

By far the most popular thing to do with a bay window is to make it into a feature. Why not think about including built-in window seating with storage underneath? This is a lovely way to make use of space that would otherwise have gone to waste. Pull-out drawers are more easily accessible than designs with lift-up lids.

Consider A Media Unit

Including a bespoke feature in your living room such as a media wall/unit can really transform a space. By doing this, you can customise your design to suit what you need to store. Deeper and heavier items should be stored at the bottom and shallower and lighter items should be stored nearer the top of the unit. This ensures the unit won’t encroach on the room too much.

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