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Picking The Right Finishing Touches For Your Bathroom

Of all the spaces within your home, the bathroom is one of the most wonderful spots to relax and unwind. Though it can provide a beautiful and calming sanctuary, it also serves a vital practical purpose. You must consider both the practical and stylistic aspects when putting the finishing touches on your design. Chosen wisely, the right finishing touches can elevate your interior into a tranquil retreat that speeds up your morning routine and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Below are a few top tips for adding the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom.

Think Practicality

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, keeping your space organised will make life so much easier. To prevent daily essentials ending up cluttered on the windowsill, consider investing in a vanity dish or storage container. A pretty decorative tray will add a stylish flourish to your bathroom while serving a clever practical purpose.

Soap dishes and tumblers can assist in creating an attractive and tidy space. Choose a quirky design or opt for something in-keeping with your bathroom style. Jars are also great for storing smaller items such as cotton buds, pads and tissues. Pop them next to your favourite candle to create a chic display.

A bath rack can provide a handy place to keep your favourite bath salts or toiletries. You might even balance a book or a glass of wine in preparation for a serene soak. Small wooden stools or vintage drinks tables can offer a great spot for spare towels or a change of clothes. If you’re short on floor space, wall hooks can prove a minimal yet essential finishing touch — perfect for hanging towels, bath robes, body brushes or toiletry bags.

Don’t Overlook The Details

Giving some thought to the finer details can give your bathroom a boutique feel. Features like handles, loo roll holders, towel rings, and light pulls all deserve your attention. Add a touch of classic luxury with antique brass detailing, or inject a splash of personality with a colourful ceramic design. There are so many options to choose from, there’s no limit to how much you can personalise your interior.

Textiles Make A Difference!

Towels and bathmats can do so much more than just dry you off. A fluffy towel in a contrasting or complementary colour can lift your scheme and bring warmth to your space. You’ll also find hundreds of funky and stylish bathmats to add that personal, luxury element to your bathroom.

However, bathmats and towels aren’t the only bathroom textiles you should be considering. Shower curtains and room blinds offer another wonderful opportunity to introduce colour and texture. Whatever finishing touches you choose, bear in mind how they will come together in your space. Keep your design cohesive by opting for different tones of the same colour or sticking to a specific theme.

Dedicating a little extra attention to detail can take your bathroom from a practical family space into a luxurious, hotel-inspired oasis. Introducing a few carefully considered finishing touches to your bathroom is also a lovely way to reflect your personality and style. We hope our guide has left you feeling inspired. If you could use some more expert tips and advice, please give us a call on 01634 799 909. One of our designers will happily talk through your project with you.

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