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Things To Consider When Choosing A Fitted Bedroom

Fitted bedrooms offer a convenient and stylish way to maximise your space, keeping your bedroom clutter free and perfect for relaxing. There are some considerations to bear in mind when choosing a fitted bedroom to ensure the design meets your budget. This article will help to explain these considerations so that you can decide if a fitted bedroom is right for you.

What Exactly Is Fitted Furniture And Why Should You Consider It In Your Bedroom Design?

Fitted furniture is usually inbuilt from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, making use of space that would simply be lost with free-standing furniture. Fitted furniture can be custom built to fit perfectly around awkward bedroom features such as chimney breasts or sloping ceilings, where traditional free-standing furniture might not fit. A fitted bedroom will allow you to make full use of every part of the room and should be of a quality that lasts for years to come. Flat-pack, free-standing furniture will always be the quickest and cheapest way to furnish a bedroom, however you may want to opt for something more luxurious for the long-term. More expensive free-standing furniture can certainly stand the test of time though it is unlikely to offer the storage capabilities of fitted furniture. With all these options it is important to weigh up durability, design aesthetic and practicality to decide what best meets your requirements.

Hinges Or Sliding Doors

There are two main styles of fitted bedroom, hinge door construction or sliding door systems. Both types have unique practical and stylistic characteristics as well as offering similar price points although this depends heavily on the design.

Hinged doors operate similarly to traditional wardrobes where the door opens into the room. The simple construction is reliable and long-lasting. Sleek and modern styles are available as well as more traditional shaker and country doors, allowing you to personalise the look of your bedroom perfectly. Unfortunately, this style has some practical restrictions. You must ensure you leave enough space to allow access around the open doors. However, these considerations may not be relevant if you have a larger space.

Sliding doors are a superb and innovative concept for maximising storage and functionality. They are incredibly convenient to use as the door easily slides open along a rail system. The sliding mechanism is perfect for a small room, with no real additional space allowance needed apart from standing width. The number of door panels can be tailored to suit your practical and aesthetic requirements. However, the smooth functioning of this system relies on investing in a good quality mechanism which will come at a cost. Additionally, the nature of the sliding doors limits you to a contemporary design, which can look stunningly slick and clean but might not suit your individual taste. With this design it is possible to purchase just the sliding doors without the internal carcass, this can help lower costs.

A Range Of Finishes And Looks

Achieve your desired look by choosing the perfect finish and colour scheme to complement your style. There are a wonderful range of colours and finishes to suit both classic and modern designs. Simple matt colours offer timeless and understated sophistication. Gloss finishes can bring a lightness to any room and will look beautifully sleek and contemporary for years. You will find both are easy to clean and maintain.

With sliding doors, you have the option to choose the number of panels each door has, therefore offering you the opportunity to mix and match between gloss, matt and even wood. Increasing the number of door panels in the design will benefit functionality and style but will also incur an additional cost.

Internal Design

An excellent feature of fitted bedrooms is the variety of customisable integrated internal storage. The basic configuration is usually comprised of shelves and rails, the layout can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and intended use. To further enhance the functionality of your fitted furniture you may want to include drawers in your design. Easy and efficient to access, they are an ideal way to improve organisation, with the potential to add bespoke storage compartments to perfectly suit your needs. Internal drawers add complexity to the design and as such will increase the overall cost. Integrated lighting also offers a stylish and practical addition to your fitted bedroom, making it quick and effortless to find what you’re looking for, especially handy when you’re trying not to wake the other half in the morning! Again, integrated lighting will add to the cost, so you will need to consider if it is right for your requirements.


Most fitted bedroom suppliers will have their own installation team that can fit your bedroom for you, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience and high-quality finish. This will generally cost somewhere between £350.00 and £480.00 per day. Opting for a fully managed installation process gives you peace of mind that your bedroom will be installed quickly and to a high standard, minimising disruption to your home and ensuring your new furniture stands the test of time. It also gives you the security of having someone to contact should any problems arise further down the line. Alternatively, you can reduce costs by installing your fitted bedroom yourself, though this could be challenging, time-consuming and possibly costly, especially if you do not have experience in installation and the product itself.

There are some other potential details to consider when embarking on a new bedroom project which could add to the cost, for example removing and disposing of the old furniture may require a skip. Flooring may need to be replaced and or cut around your new fitted furniture. Electrical sockets may need repositioning and other decorating work might be required. A good interior company would be able to do this work in their installation process, remember to factor these into your budget.

There are many considerations that contribute to the success of your new fitted bedroom, it is important to give these some thought in order to find a cost-effective solution that suits your needs. If you have any doubts, your specialist interior company will be able to guide you and offer their support, listening to and understanding your requirements to find a practical and beautiful design that meets your budget. Our friendly and experienced team at Ream Interiors are happy to offer their advice and answer any questions about your fitted bedroom project. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01634 799 909.

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