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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Bathroom?

You have chosen your beautiful bathroom suite and you may think you are just a simple installation away from making your dream a reality. Of course, you are, however, bathroom installation is not always so simple, there are many factors to consider and a high-quality fit is crucial to ensuring your bathroom lives up to expectations. The most stunning and luxurious bathroom won’t have the wow factor it deserves if it is poorly fitted. Hence it is vital to consider the cost of installation in your budget for your new bathroom.

The Design & Installation Process

The cost of installation can vary greatly depending on your approach. From completing the fit yourself, project managing several tradesmen or utilising your bathroom company to manage the whole process, each option has several factors to consider. Before we look at who you might employ to carry out your installation, we will get an overview of what’s involved in the bathroom fitting process. Of course, this will vary depending on your starting point, we are going to look at each step for a full installation.

  • The room must be prepared by removing the previous bathroom and any waste disposed of.
  • Sometimes the room will need reboarding after it is stripped, and you may have structural plans to build or knock through a wall.
  • Your bathroom suite must be on site, ready to be installed.
  • Lots of different materials will need to be sourced, for example, plumbing materials, plaster, adhesives and grout.
  • Plumbing will need to be completed.
  • Plastering will be required, including preparation for tiling and finish plastering for decoration.
  • Electrical work will need to be taken care of and verified with Part P certification.
  • Furniture such as vanity units must be fitted.
  • Worktops may require a Template and Fit service if you are having Corian, Composite or Stone.
  • Tiling will take place
  • Next, flooring preparation and fitting.
  • Finally, the finishing touches can be taken care of like the fitting of mirrors.

Who Will Lead The Project?

As you can see there are many individual steps that contribute to the installation of your bathroom. Ensuring each element is completed on schedule can be challenging as often not all tasks will be completed by the same person. Who carries out these tasks is the main factor in how much the bathroom installation will cost. Below are the different options in ascending order of price. We will look at all of the considerations for each of these in detail.

  • If you are confident, with experience in trade, you may be able to do the majority of the work yourself.
  • Do you have a tradesman friend that can do the fit for you?
  • You could project manage the installation and source each trade yourself.
  • Employ an individual bathroom installation specialist.
  • You are already employing a builder as your project is part of other works. Your builder can prepare the room ready for a dry fit by others.
  • The company you are buying your bathroom from may recommend a fitter.
  • A bathroom company will manage the whole installation process for you.

Project Managing The Installation

If you are not fortunate enough to be an experienced tradesperson yourself and you don’t happen to have any friends who are, the most cost-effective option for you may be to project manage the installation yourself. This will involve getting quotations and sourcing each tradesperson individually as well as coordinating a timeline for each stage to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Project managing may be cost-effective but it can be extremely time-consuming. Depending on your level of experience, it can be stressful and challenging to find trustworthy tradespeople. If possible, try to get recommendations and make sure every detail of each job is included in the quote to avoid running into costs further down the line. When looking for tradespeople you will need to check their availability and include this in your schedule. It is worth bearing in mind that if you are living in the property during the process, you will want to avoid being left without facilities for too long. Unfortunately, it is possible that delays may occur, and this can impact plans as the next tradesman may not be able to reschedule.


  • Thoroughly check the quote
  • Find recommendations
  • Allow room for delays in your schedule

Should I Hire An Individual Tradesman For My Bathroom Installation?

Employing an individual fitter can be good value as they don’t have the overheads of a bigger company and often work in cash meaning you may not have to pay VAT. Cost can range from £100-£300 per day. They will lead every element of the installation process; this saves you time and the stress of coordinating the fit, however, there are some pitfalls to consider to secure you the best quality installation.

As you can imagine, when choosing an individual to complete your full bathroom installation, you really need to trust they will provide exemplary standards of work and be reliable throughout the job. You may want to get recommendations and view examples of previous installations they have carried out so that you can be confident of the quality.
Find out if they intend to work solely on your project or if they will have other jobs running alongside yours. If they have other distractions the quality of your installation may suffer, and you may not take priority.

Are they able to complete all of the work themselves or are they intending to source other trades for parts of your install. On the one hand, if they are intending to complete all of the work themselves, do they have the range of expertise to finish all aspects to the highest quality or are they a jack of all trades? Sometimes a very talented plumber may not provide the best quality of fit when it comes to your bathroom furniture. Alternatively, if they are sourcing other trades, can you be confident the tradesmen they are using are reliable?
Unlike larger companies, individual fitters may not offer any warranty. If you have problems further down the line it may be costly and laborious to get someone different to resolve the issue.

While you can reduce costs by choosing an individual fitter, there are some risks. It is important you take time to research thoroughly to make sure you have complete confidence in your fitter before you proceed.


  • Get recommendations
  • View previous work
  • Ask about other work
  • Check warranty or guarantee

Using Your Current Builder

Your builder should be able to prepare your space for a dry fit, this should take care of the preliminary stages such as waste disposal, wall building, structural prep, pipework, plastering and electrics. It can be tricky to estimate what the bathroom installation will cost when using your current builder as this price will likely be factored into the overall package of works. Once the room is prepared your bathroom company should be able to recommend a fitter or carry out the dry fit themselves.

The dry fit starts from a basic price of around £1400. This will consist of installing your products in the prepared space and fitting the furniture. Tiling and fitting flooring will usually come at an extra cost depending on the type and quantities involved.


  • Make sure your builder is given kitchen plans to ensure the pipework and electrics are correctly located

Hiring A Bathroom Company For In House Installation

Though the most expensive, this option will take all of the hassle out of planning your bathroom installation. A reputable company will be able to successfully manage every aspect of your bathroom from design right through to installation, guaranteeing every element is executed to the highest standard.

The process of installation will commence on completion of your perfect bathroom design. Your chosen company will ensure the products are delivered to site. They will schedule each phase of the fit, arranging the tradespeople for each stage. It is sensible to bear in mind that sometimes unavoidable issues may arise, however your company should keep you well informed and be able to resolve these matters as smoothly as possible, they will be very experienced in doing this. Once the bathroom installation is complete your company will offer a guarantee on their work, giving you peace of mind that should any problems arise these will be resolved quickly and professionally.

Every bathroom installation will be different; to estimate the cost when using a bathroom company, room size, plumping requirements, tiling and flooring specifications and quantities will all have a bearing. However, the basic labour cost of a 10-day fit should be around £4800, with electrics, rubbish removal, decorating and other sundries at an additional cost. Finding a trustworthy bathroom company that offers excellent customer support and ensures superior fitting can remove all the stress of trying to organise your bathroom installation. Their expert knowledge and years of experience will give you peace of mind that the bathroom you have been dreaming of will live up to every expectation, providing you with a beautiful space to relax and unwind.


  • Simply choose a bathroom company you really trust that offers styles you love.

The cost of installing a bathroom will vary depending on the unique characteristics of your space and design, however, who you choose to complete your fit will impact the final price. There are many installation possibilities you can choose from to suit your budget and the time you wish to dedicate to the project. For further advice on installing your bathroom or to view our stunning bathroom designs please don’t hesitate to call our friendly design team on 01634 799 909. If you would like to book an appointment with one of our bathroom design experts, please click here.

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