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What Is A Bora Hob And How Much Do They Cost?

What is a BORA hob?

The story behind BORA starts with a German engineer called Willi Bruckbauer. With over 20 years of experience in the kitchen industry, Willi knew there must be a better solution to vapour extraction than noisy, bulky overhead cooker hoods. He envisaged an extraction system that would deliver on performance and aesthetic appeal. After much experimentation and innovation, the BORA hob was born. The BORA integrates the extraction system into the hob itself. The result- a sleek, practical and durable solution to cooking while maintaining air quality.

How does a BORA work?

The BORA extractor is built into the centre of the hob. It draws vapours directly from the source using a clever cross flow system. The powerful motor guides cooking odours and grease particles into the filter before they have the chance to rise out of reach. You can choose between exhaust air and a recirculation system. The latter purifies the vapours using a charcoal filter before returning them to the room. The exhaust air system expels the air outside, much like a traditional cooker hood. BORA claim its technology eliminates 100% of the vapours produced while cooking. Regular extraction systems could only dream of achieving something like 50-60% efficiency.

What are the benefits of a BORA hob?

The BORA hob promotes design freedom. Removing the need for a wall-mounted hood allows you to position the hob almost anywhere in your kitchen. Perfect if you would like to install your hob on an island or even beneath a window.

As open-plan living has grown in popularity, the need for quiet and effective extraction has never been greater. The BORA venting hob is extremely successful at removing odours and grease particles. The clever airflow system and quiet fan ensure the extractor is unobtrusive.

Hobs and extractors can get greasy and messy. Thus, you’ll no doubt be wondering how easy the BORA system is to clean. The answer is very! You can quickly wipe down the surface of the hob, and can simply pop most of the components into the dishwasher. But what happens if a pan boils over? Don’t worry. Depending on the model, the BORA system can cope with up to 3L of water. The water will collect in the base without damaging the electrics. You just need to remove the filters to wipe it up.

Are BORA hobs safe?

BORA cooktops are very safe. Induction is one of the safest forms of cooking. It relies on electromagnetic heat transfer, which means only the pan gets hot. Thus, you can’t burn your hands on the hob. BORA hobs also come with a child lock, so they can’t be operated by accident. You don’t need to worry about spills either. The extractor won’t be affected by liquids or bits of food falling through the vent. Although, we would recommend mopping up any mess as it happens to make sure your BORA continues to perform at its best.

What models does BORA offer?

Since the initial design prototype in 2005, BORA has developed a wide range of hob and extraction systems. Regardless of the size of your kitchen or your cooking style, BORA has something to suit everyone.

The BORA Basic is the perfect combination of a high-performance cooktop and powerful extractor. It has four 24cm cooking zones, and its compact size works with any kitchen.

The newer BORA Pure, BORA X Pure and BORA S Pure offer greater flexibility and enhanced performance. They are available in a range of sizes. The BORA Pure also allows you to personalise your hob with a colourful filter. The concept remains the same — to be able to deliver the flexibility and functionality of an induction hob with a connected, built-in extraction system.

The BORA Classic and Professional range represent the ultimate in performance and versatility. Their modular design allows you to personalise your cooking surfaces with a choice of gas rings, Tepan grill plate or induction wok cooktop. You can position the slim extractor between whichever cooktops you choose. The flexible layout allows even the most discerning cook to find the perfect combination, giving you the best of both worlds with gas, grill and induction cooking.

The BORA Professional is the highest spec model. It is aimed at total cooking enthusiasts. With its extra-deep tops, stainless steel retracting vent and stylish display, it provides the most luxurious and precise cooking experience.

BORA is constantly evolving its range. They have even introduced their first oven, the BORA Bo. Watch this space for more advancements.

How much does a BORA cost?

The prices can range from around £2800 to upwards of £10000. The price depends on the model, or in the case of the BORA Professional or Classic, the number of cooktops you choose.

To sum up — BORA systems offer impressive flexibility and efficiency to anyone looking for a high-quality cooking and extraction system.

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