Ten tips for finding a retailer before you start your home project

A New Year, a new home improvement. High quality home improvements are a way to add value, space and comfort to your home.

When embarking on a home improvement project it’s exciting to research, visit suppliers and get your project off the ground. Any credible retailer will provide you with knowledge and advice to support you to make the right decision for your project. A check-list of ten tips on finding a retailer to start your home project with is listed below to help get you started.

The top ten tips for finding a retailer before you start your home project:

  • Before you decide on a retailer make sure they have a showroom where you can inspect the quality of the product and installation.
  • Make sure they have a good track record of installations, check out their previous work and ask to see images and examples – a reputable retailer should be able to provide all of this.
  • Make sure YOUR retailer IS aware of CURRENT Building Regulations, including ELECTRICAL and GAS safe requirements for your project.
  • If they don’t OFFER a site survey before quoting, walk away there and then.
  • Check that the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home office designer is indeed an EXPERIENCED designer.
  • The retailer should visit your home, carry our a survey of the site and discuss all the relevant details about what you need and desire in your project.
  • They will return to the showroom where the designer will produce a set of design plans. Once the designs are finished, the retailer should contact you to go through them with you, and according to your needs, refine the design.
  • All good retailers will ask for a deposit.
  • Before any money changes hands, get a copy of a written estimate that details every aspect of the job – will save you a lot of hassle should the unthinkable happen and things start to go wrong.
  • Finally, never sign anything unless you have read it though fully, and you are prepared to honour your side of the contract.

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