Things to think about when buying a new Kitchen

Most people expect a national supplier to offer the cheapest options. This generally is not true. They buy their products wholesale on a large scale and they contract out the installation work to the best priced installers. However (and this is a big but), what customers often don’t realise is that they are paying for their redesign in other ways. There are some significant differences in ‘value’ when you consider independent vs national. In this guide we offer advice on things to think about when buying a new Kitchen.

Do you want a supplier, a salesperson or a designer?

Consider what you actually want to pay for. In a large national store or showroom, staff are often hired for their sales skills rather than for their technical knowledge or design skills. Independent showrooms hire designers with proven experience not sales people. They value their customer’s experience over the sale and therefore recommendations form a large part of their business.

You are likely to have a specific person, such as your designer, who is your consistent point of contact. They will work closely with you to establish exactly what will suit your needs and budget, so that your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom does what you need and want it to do – not what suits ‘most’ people!

The Process & costing

With national suppliers, the person you are dealing with in store is unlikely to then deal with your project in any way past the actual purchase.

Estimates given often will not include a fully comprehensive installation, and you may find that many of the things that you will need are not included. Customers may suddenly find their costs increase just before or even after installation begins, as various ‘add ons’ swiftly up their initial quote.

You will find that these salespeople will be dealing with large amounts of customers daily and will often have a “fitting boxes in a room” attitude to design, whereas designers in independent showrooms will be totally focused on the individual client and their design.

Independent suppliers will tend to take much more time discussing your needs with you to ensure that every personalisation and preference has been considered. The whole design process is thorough and relaxed and clients do not feel the pressure to buy before they are ready.

If you find you do have an issue with a purchase from a national retailer, it may have to go through multiple people before any problems can be resolved. With independents, whoever you speak to will make it their priority to fix any issue promptly.

To Sum up…

Home renovation projects are important to get right, both financially and to dramatically improve your home and lifestyle. The time, care and attention needed to achieve this means that most people would find using an independent is actually the best option for them.

What do you think? Do you value the personal touch when it comes to creating the perfect home for you? If so, we can help. Visit one of our showrooms to talk to our team in person or contact us for more information.

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