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11 Fantastic Bespoke Touches To Elevate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and as well as meeting the practical requirements associated with cooking and preparing food, your kitchen can make a wonderful, cosy and inviting space to spend time with friends and family. As such a special place, it’s important that your kitchen reflects your personality and captures the atmosphere of your home. Adding a few bespoke touches to your design is a great way to communicate your individual style. We’ve gathered some brilliant design ideas and tips to give you fantastic inspiration for your project.

Add A Pop Of Colour

When it comes to communicating your personality and setting the tone of your room, colour is undoubtedly the first thing to consider. From sunny yellows to sultry plum hues and wholesome greens, adding colour to your kitchen will immediately capture the character of your space. If you don’t fancy going all out with a striking top-to-toe colour scheme, introducing an accent to an island, pantry cupboard, or a single row of units makes a great alternative. You can find more tips on adding colour to your kitchen by clicking here.

Create A Feature With Tiles

Versatile and stylish tile feature walls or splashbacks present a great opportunity to add a bespoke touch to your design. From vintage metro tiles in a bold colour to stunning contemporary geometric patterns, there are hundreds of options at your disposal, and you can be sure your unique choice will set your space apart.

Make A Statement With Bar Stool Seating

Bar stools don’t just make a luxurious laidback place to perch. Your choice of stylish bar stools has the potential to transform the look and feel of your space. Whether you go for a design that ties your scheme together or opt for a quirky contrasting style or colour, bar stools offer a wonderful way to reflect your personality and taste.

Create A Sense Of Warmth With Wood

While using colour is one way to personalise your kitchen, the materials you choose to include in your design can also have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of your space. Natural wood is ideal for adding a touch of warmth and softness. However, if you’re put off by the maintenance associated with wood worktops, a bespoke breakfast bar or storage alcove makes a lovely way to feature wood in your kitchen. You can discover more wonderful ways to add wood to your design by clicking here.

Show Off Your Favourite Ornaments

Since kitchens have become more social and versatile spaces, our approach to designing them has changed. While we previously utilised row upon row of overhead cupboards to keep all our belongings out of sight, we now tend to favour much more open and attractive designs. A sleek shelf or alcove makes the ideal place to display your favourite collection of artwork, ornaments and houseplants, adding a personal bespoke touch to your interior.

Create A Display Within Your Island

Keeping surfaces clutter-free is a must when it comes to cooking and cleaning. However, creating a few characterful displays is a great way to add interest to your design. As well as adding over-counter shelves, integrating a bespoke alcove or butcher’s block into the end of an island is a fantastic practical solution to showcasing some of your most stylish crockery and recipe books.

Combine Practicality & Style

Creating your perfect bespoke kitchen is all about finding solutions that work for you. If shelving displays aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to achieve a unique personalised design. These baskets on runners bring a charming, homely touch to our client’s kitchen while doubling up as handy extra storage.

Plan A Bespoke Seating Area

Whether you could use somewhere to keep an eye on the kids while cooking or love entertaining family and friends, adding a seating area to your kitchen is a wonderful way to get more from your space. If a separate dining table is too much of a squeeze, a bespoke dining island or bench seat situated at the heart of the action makes a lovely, cosy kitchen feature.

Add A Custom Window Bench

The dimensions of your kitchen, your lifestyle, your household and your tastes are all unique; which is why customising your design is vital if you’re going to achieve your perfect space. A bespoke window seat that doubles up as storage could be the ideal place to keep the kid’s toys, the pet’s bits and bobs or your wellies and outdoor gear.

Make The Most Of Your Space

From window seats to cocktail bars, there are plenty of ways to make the most of awkward or unused spaces within your kitchen. Why not design your own bespoke unit and create the wine bar, baking area or entertainment hub of your dreams?

Elevate Your Kitchen With Stylish Lighting

A little attention to detail goes a long way when designing an elegant and practical bespoke kitchen; even your choice of light fitting can have a dramatic effect on the look of your room. As well as emphasising a statement island or dining area, eye-catching and stylish pendant lights make a beautiful finishing touch to your space. You can learn more about planning a stunning kitchen lighting scheme by clicking here.

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting opportunity to create a beautiful and unique space that fills you with joy every day. From something as simple as your choice of bar stools to something as luxurious as a custom-built cocktail bar, there are plenty of ways to add a bespoke touch to your kitchen, whatever your budget. If you’d like to chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable designers about the ideas you have for your project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01634 799 909 or email us at [email protected].

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