A Complete Guide To The Top Kitchen Trends of 2022

It’s not every day that you decide to renovate your kitchen, and so, of course, you’ll want your new space to stand the test of time for many more years to come. At Ream Interiors, we’ve been designing and installing stunning kitchens for over 40 years. We know how important your kitchen is to you, and we certainly wouldn’t expect any of your all-important design decisions to be based on a mere whim. However, that’s all the more reason for doing your research and looking to the latest trends and styles for inspiration. Our knowledgeable and experienced designers have put together a comprehensive guide to this year’s most popular and stylish kitchen trends to help you find some fantastic new ideas for your project.

Sophisticated Dark Green Kitchens

With retailers up and down the country scrambling to add dark green kitchen collections to their portfolios, the predicted popularity of this new and sophisticated kitchen colour scheme has undoubtedly lived up to expectations. Similarly to last year’s navy-blue kitchen, combining richness and depth with a touch of warmth, this daring hue brings a dramatic yet elegant atmosphere to a classic design. Pair with gold detailing and marble worktops to complete the luxe look.

Dramatic Monochrome Kitchens

Establishing a similar sense of drama but with a distinctly modern and minimalist twist, black kitchens are also hugely popular this year. The bold monochrome finish looks superb in both modern and traditional kitchen interiors. The versatile shade can be personalised to suit you and your home with your choice of worktops, finishing touches and accessories. Oak and timber accents, both stained and natural, are ideal for adding softness and warmth, while white worktops and gold fittings will create a glamorous, up-market feel.

Timeless Grey Kitchens

If statement colours aren’t for you, then don’t worry. Graceful greys, soft beiges and dusky neutrals make a wonderful timeless choice, and we expect these tones to retain their popularity for many years to come. To add depth and interest to an elegant and clean palette, consider opting for a two-tone design where the darker accent colour is featured below the eye-line. For more inspiration on how to achieve an effortless colour pairing, you can browse our Ream Interiors kitchen gallery by clicking here.

The Concealed Kitchen

Kitchen colour trends often come and go. However, having gained popularity over a number of years, the concealed kitchen style certainly looks like it’s here to stay. Lacking obvious functional detailing, handleless kitchens blur the boundaries between kitchen and living area, creating an elegant space to socialise, relax and entertain friends. The clean lines and immaculate finish of a handleless kitchen contribute towards a beautifully sleek and stylish interior. For more information on choosing the kitchen style that’s right for you, please click here.

Deep Veined Marble Effects

Not just restricted to kitchens, our love of luxurious marble extends to all manner of accessories, from side tables to stationery. Looking stunning in any setting, gorgeous deep veined marble worksurfaces and splashbacks can elevate almost any kitchen design. Harking back to the Italian Renaissance, it’s safe to say marble has and will continue to stand the test of time.

Striking Surface Finishes

As contemporary and handleless kitchen styles have become increasingly popular, more and more unique high-end finishes have been designed to offer greater versatility and style. From breath-taking oxide and metallic effects to lavish wood veneers, there are a variety of striking options available to those looking to make a stylish modern statement.

Glamorous Metallic Accents

These days, kitchens are so much more than just a place to cook and prepare food. And as our relationship with our kitchens has changed, we have embraced the opportunity to bring increasingly luxurious decorative elements to our spaces. Nowhere is this more evident than with the trend for glamorous metallic accents. Including rose gold, copper, brass and yellow gold finishes, introducing a touch of metallic detailing to your kitchen is a wonderful way to elevate your design. Splashbacks, lighting, handles and accessories all provide the potential to highlight your glamorous accent finish.

Practical Pantry Cupboards

The latest kitchen trends aren’t just limited to the visual aspects of our interiors. As a space that combines both functionality and style, new ideas are often evolving to maximise the practical capabilities of our home. Over the past few years, pantry cupboards have become a kitchen design staple. Presenting a conveniently accessible and attractive space to store everything from ingredients to appliances, the pantry cupboard is definitely a must-have feature this year and for many years to come.

The Boiling Water Tap

It wasn’t so long ago we all thought that boiling water taps were a rather frivolous addition to our kitchen interiors. However, with their sleek design, impressive safety features and outstanding efficiency, kitchen owners across the country have found them an indispensable addition to the home. This year the popularity of the boiling water tap, patented by Quooker, has reached an all-time high. Click here to find out more about whether a Quooker tap is right for you and your home.

Downdraft Extractor Hobs

Another appliance transforming our homes in 2022 is the fantastic downdraft extractor hob. With a powerful extractor seamlessly built into the hob, you are no longer restricted by the need to have a traditional cooker hood installed against a wall or ceiling. A sleek and highly functional downdraft extractor hob is ideal for impressing guests while cooking at your kitchen island. The venting hob gives us more freedom than ever before over how we design our kitchens.

From appliances to colour schemes, the latest kitchen trends and innovations are always evolving to keep up with our modern homes and lifestyles. And whether you fall in love with the hottest fashions or you decide to put your own spin on a trendy new idea, understanding what’s popular in the world of kitchen design is a great way to find inspiration for your space. At Ream Interiors, we combine our knowledge of the latest trends with our unrivalled expertise to create timeless, practical and individual bespoke designs for all our clients, and your local independent retailer should be able to do the same. To discuss your upcoming project with our friendly professional team, please call us on 01634 799 909 or email [email protected].

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