A Closer Look At Some Of Our Favourite Worktop Materials

There are a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right worktop to suit your interior. Your work surfaces are the workhorse of your kitchen and they have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your design so choosing the perfect material for you and your lifestyle is crucially important. We have some favourites here at Ream Interiors that we adore for their style and unique design features and we would love to share these top picks and the reasons behind our choices with you. You can find out more about the excellent variety of worktop materials and their different properties by clicking here to read our in-depth article. For now, let’s take a closer look at some of our favourites, new and old.

Wooden Worktops

A wooden work surface is an absolute classic. The rich depth of colour in a natural solid wood surface never fails to delight and we just love the warmth it brings to your kitchen design. Whether you have opted for a traditional style of cabinetry or something more modern, a solid wood worktop can bring a homely and welcoming atmosphere to your space. A chunky oak surface is ideal for creating a relaxed farmhouse feel to accompany a gorgeous and timeless shaker style kitchen. You can also choose from a range of smooth lighter and more rich tones such as beech or walnut to craft exactly the right look to complement your design. We adore how a beautiful hardwood worktop ages with grace, gradually building character over the years to stand the test of time in its own unique way. At Ream Interiors we find almost nothing beats a wooden worktop for creating a charming and cosy finishing touch to your home.

A timber worktop is a surprisingly affordable choice to bring a sense of luxury to your design. Wood is also very easy to cut and fit making for a cost-effective installation. However, there are some things to bear in mind when considering a hardwood worktop. They do require a level of maintenance and you will have to take special care around sink areas to make sure water doesn’t damage the material. This being said, we still love wood for its gorgeous warmth and individual beauty and if you can set aside time to care for your worktop, we’re sure it will reward you with years of pleasure. Click here to read more about the practical pros and cons of a wooden work surface.

Granite Worktops

Another natural material that we just can’t get enough of is granite. Its veining and colouring are completely unique in every individual slab and this means that including it in your kitchen design allows you to showcase your own special piece of the earth’s history. The depth and character of the crystalline structure looks truly stunning and will give an unrivalled sense of luxury to your design. Granite’s gloss finish and detailed patination gives a sophisticated edge to both modern and classic kitchen styles.

At Ream Interiors we believe granite work surfaces are some of the most incredibly beautiful worktops around. Granite never falls out of fashion and with its remarkable hardness and high heat resistance, it provides a long-lasting solution for a durable and hardwearing kitchen work surface. A template and fit process is often required which can add a week on to your installation time, however we’re sure you’ll agree it’s worth the wait!

Acrylic Worktops

You might not be familiar with acrylic work surfaces as they are a relatively new addition to the kitchen market. They are produced using a blend of acrylic polymers and natural materials which are then fixed onto an MDF base. While this is similar to a laminate, the capabilities of an acrylic worktop are very different. One of the reasons why we love them so much at Ream Interiors, is their truly outstanding and innovative design flexibility. Their construction allows the work surface to be thermo-formed so that they can be shaped into completely unique structures, this brings a wealth of design potential. Moulded sinks are a very popular feature, the smooth transition from work surface to basin gives a sleek cutting-edge look. The ability to thermo-form the material eliminates any imperfections such as joints, creating an impressively clean and crisp finish.

With an incredible variety of stunning patterns and colours to choose from, finding a style to suit your design is simple and we know you’ll be completely blown away by the remarkable quality and gorgeous looks of every finish. An acrylic surface can give a truly modern feel to your design, perfect for a contemporary kitchen style and with its stain resistant technology you can rest assured your striking worktop will look absolutely flawless for years to come. It is worth considering that acrylic surfaces do not always have the best tolerance for heat, however this can be overcome with the use of trivets or heat mats which are a precautionary recommendation with most work surfaces. You can read more about the unique capabilities of acrylic worktops by clicking here.

There are a huge variety of work surfaces to choose from and each has its own unique practical, stylistic and cost considerations. At Ream Interiors we are experts in every aspect of kitchen design and installation and have an unparalleled knowledge of the various work surface materials on the market today. You can have rest assured our talented designers will find the perfect work surface to give a fabulous practical and beautiful finish to your kitchen.

If you would like to find out more about which worktop is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01634 799 909 or take a look at our dedicated worktop guide by clicking here.

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