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Cook like a Pro

The kitchen designers at Ream have put together a list of their top 5 kitchen appliances so that you can begin to change your experience in the kitchen. With this knowledge you can begin cooking like a professional chef and keep your friends and family guessing your secret.

1. Cook Like a Pro – Keep your ingredient delicious 

To provide the best dining experience possible, you’ll need to start with the basics. Lara, Ream Kitchen Designer reminds us that “fresh, seasonal ingredients” are a staple in the kitchen. With the “latest innovations” from renowned kitchen appliance manufactures you can keep your fruit and vegetables “stored up to three times as long” so that you can really get the most out of the food you use in the kitchen. This is music to the ears of, well, anyone. From busy families to young professionals, you can be rest assured that you will “always have fresh food.”

This clever cooling technology will keep your delicate pieces of fruit and vegetables like avocados, berries and leafy greens fresh and vibrant. Not only this, but the sensors within these clever fridges or freezes monitor the temperature and keep them optimum. Fish and meat will revel in the correct environments resulting in tastes your palate has ever had the pleasure of encountering.

The use of storage boxes and easy to reach containers makes it easier to get to your fresh vegetables, meat and cheese quicker and pack food back conveniently.

2. Cook Like a Pro –Full Steam Ahead

It is now easier than ever before to enjoy nutrients and flavour in the healthiest way possible with the renowned steam oven. Instagram superstars like The Body Coach lead the clean-eating revolution and you can recreate your own health fix by letting the steam oven do all the hard work for you. These ovens combine steam with other conventional cooking methods so you don’t have to worry about ever drying out your food. They “are about much more than just steaming vegetables or fish” Ream Kitchen Designer, Dennis, tells us. You can even use them “for cooking eggs, defrosting items, sterilising bottles, keeping food warm… and much more.” With a multi functional oven like this you can imagine just how delicious that Sunday Roast will taste.

If you need more proof – these are the ways steam ovens can promote healthier cooking:

  • Steam require less oil and salt which reducing the fat content of your meals while still retaining the texture and colour of your food
  • While conventional ovens dry food out, steam retains delicious juices and flavours which your old oven can only dream of doing
  • Many types of food can be cooked together without transferring flavours. Your food stays succulent and nutritious while your timing in the kitchen becomes impeccable.

3. Cook Like a Pro – Hobs with built in extraction

If you have wondered how the kitchen can be a social environment as well as for cooking, I will tell you now. You can enjoy uninterrupted conversations with your family and friends while you cook with hidden extractors. Goodbye noisy, disruptive extractors. Hello, sleek and elegant hobs with inbuilt extractor fans.

If your kitchen features a hob in an island, there is no need for you to dodge or bump your head on that over head extractor. This popular kitchen design makes it possible for extraction inbuilt within the hob so, as Ream’s kitchen designer Matt says, that you can move “without restriction in a kitchen wherever you want to”.

4.  Cook Like a Pro – Boiling Water tap

The boiling/hot tap is the most sought-after kitchen appliance in 2017, even Houzz awarded it so. The convenient gadget is loved by all, including Kirsty Allsopp. The tap allows for sleek, clutter free kitchen space which is second to none. You’ll wonder how you ever waited around for the kettle to boil with one of these in your home. Whether its for a cup of tea or coffee or cooking on the hob, you’ll save valuable time.

It’s these reasons that being to explain why the Great British Bake Off have one fitted on every single bakers’ counter. The new Quooker Flex is the trend’s most recent innovation: a boiling tap with a pull out hose for hot, cold and filtered cold water? It’s in a league of its own, that’s for sure. The possibilities are endless, rinsing and cleaning has never been so easy. Poached Salmon fillets have never been so effortless.

5. Cook like a Pro – Wash the dishes in-style

It’s great to be able to cook like a professional chef, but now you can even clean like one.  The ComfortLift dishwasher is an award-winning appliance, celebrated for its convenience and efficiency. The dishwasher features a clever new function whereby the lower dish drawer slides out and glides upward to a more suitable height. Emptying and refilling the dishwasher has become child’s play.

This simple yet effective technology eliminates bending down from the dishwasher process enabling you to stack and unload the dishwasher more efficiently.

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