Ideas & Inspiration For Your Medway Bathroom

Just because your Medway bathroom serves an important practical function doesn’t mean it can’t also look stylish and attractive, in keeping with the rest of your home. Redesigning your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to create a space that you can look forward to enjoying for many years to come. From choosing your sanitaryware to selecting your perfect bathroom tiles, there are a host of factors you will need to consider, and with these come a variety of different options to choose from. To give you some ideas and inspiration for your project, we’ve put together this short blog to look at some potential features you might want to consider including in your design.

Inject A Splash Of Colour

Colour is often one of our first considerations when we redesign any room in our home and the bathroom is no different. Most of our Medway clients want to create a clean, fresh and bright feel, but there’s much more to designing an inviting and airy bathroom than simply opting for a cold all-white palette.

Pairing neutral tiles with an accent of your chosen colour is a great way to add a burst of personality without overwhelming the space. Bathroom furniture such as under sink vanities and cabinets come in a range of beautiful colourways, providing a wonderful opportunity to inject a touch of vibrancy into your design.

Creating a stunning feature wall is also a fantastic option. Simply painting your accent colour onto your wall gives you the benefit of being able to update your look easily and affordably should you decide you fancy a refresh later down the line.

Add Stylish Patterned Tiles

Injecting a bold splash of colour into your space isn’t the only way to get creative with your new Medway bathroom design. For practical reasons, most bathrooms will feature some form of tiling whether on the floor or walls and so why not make the most of their creative potential? When it comes to finding your perfect bathroom tiles, there really are hundreds of designs to choose from. These mosaic tiles add another dimension to this classic bathroom space, introducing a subtle touch of colour as well as bringing an exotic quality that complements the exposed beams, houseplants, and eye-catching pendant lights. With a range of understated and dramatic designs to suit every taste, consider introducing a distinctive style of bathroom tile to your interior.

Create a Wet Room

Sleek, practical and luxurious, wet rooms are a wonderful option for a contemporary bathroom interior. Walking into a large open shower area sets a fantastically opulent tone to the room. A minimal glass shower enclosure will immediately make your Medway bathroom feel spacious and stylish. Removing trip hazards and easy to clean, wet rooms or open showers are ideal in compact spaces and make an ideal choice if you prefer a deluxe shower experience as opposed to a bath.

Practical & Sleek Storage Vanity

With various lotions and potions to store, bathrooms can easily become cluttered and disorganised. To ensure your Medway bathroom is conducive to relaxation, you will want to consider including plenty of storage in your design. Wall hung units are a great choice for a compact bathroom, keeping furniture and clutter off the floor will effortlessly make the room feel larger and more open. Choosing a wall-mounted under-sink vanity is a fantastic way to utilise an often overlooked space. Coupled with this, you might also want to consider choosing mirrored cabinets which will again make your bathroom interior feel bigger and brighter.

Beautiful Open Shelving

Alongside bathroom cabinets and vanity units, open shelving can introduce even more storage to your space. Perfect for making use of narrow gaps and awkward corners, bathroom shelving can create an attractive spot for you to display luxurious toiletries, houseplants or ornaments. Creating your own stylish display of practical and stylish items will bring a wonderful personal touch to your interior.

Elegant Bespoke Shower Niches

Just like bathroom shelves, shower niches are another opportunity to include stylish additional storage in your design. Built into your bathroom interior, shower niches can create an attractive and luxurious design feature. They present an ideal location to add an accent tile or colour, with integrated lighting providing a gorgeous final flourish.

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