Kitchen Island Ideas

An Array Of Options For Your Dream Kitchen Island

The modern-day kitchen is, more often than not, set around a showpiece kitchen island, and there are some key decisions to be made when it comes to deciding on yours.

The kitchen island is the centrepiece of your dream space and will play a major part in your day-to-day life for years to come.

Space is a key factor when it comes to your kitchen island, and if you’ve got enough of it to warrant this amazing luxury, you’ll want to start thinking of the vast array of design, colour and functional options that are available.

Whatever stage you currently find yourself in, this plan is designed to help you gain some inspiration for the perfect, practical kitchen island.

Configuring Your Kitchen Centrepiece

Whilst some opt for a simple setup, using their island purely for workspace and food preparation, others pack in tech, sinks, appliances and storage space to make it a hub of productivity.

The make-up of your island is an important factor and will need to be given some thought. Think about how you cook, how much storage space you need and if you want family and guests to sit at your island.

The Flow of Your Kitchen…

The best kitchens have a practical and logical flow, intertwining nicely with the process of cooking a meal. Designing the kitchen to compliment how you work is a smart move and can save you hours of unnecessary movement and stress.

To optimise your space for practicality, you’ll want to think about where everything is in relation to your main work surfaces. The most popular appliances should be centred around the main cooking area of the kitchen and close to a work surface so that you can avoid taking multiple steps with hot pans from the oven.

An area for after-meal cleaning down will need to be identified so that it doesn’t encroach on worktop space and clutter central parts of your kitchen. Often it’s good to have your main kitchen sink away from your island; this will help to keep the island uncluttered with plates, glasses and cutlery.

Looks are important, too…

Putting the functional aspect of your kitchen to the side for one second, it’s important to keep the wow factor that you want from your new kitchen. There’s a large choice of design and style options for your kitchen island, and here are some of the options you can have for your splendid centrepiece…

1. A Social Setting

The kitchen in the image below can be a great setup for the modern family who want to interact throughout the cooking of dinner as well as at the table. It’s also really good for hosting dinner parties…

2. Making A Statement

If you’d like to make a large statement with your island, you can opt for a bold colour that really sets the tone for your kitchen…

3. Keeping Things Traditional

A more traditional kitchen can home a rustic wooden island, just like this duck egg blue, country-look kitchen. The solid wood island makes for a homely, welcoming feel.

4. Space-Saving Peninsulas

If you’re longing for an island but haven’t the space to make it practical, you may want to consider a peninsula. A peninsula protrudes from the wall to make an island-like effect, providing a very handy workspace…

5. Overhead Features

An impressive centrepiece can be taken to the next level with an overhead feature, such as the one in the image below. Down lights can work well, as can frames for hanging utensils, pots and pans.

6. Galley Kitchen

Running your island alongside your main workspaces is a good way to reach a practical solution. This type of setup can be found in professional kitchens, with an array of appliances and storage in a central area.

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