Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home- a space not only for cooking, but often for families and friends to gather and socialise. For most, it is the hub of the house. Lara, Ream Kitchen Designer, says “decluttering any sized kitchen  starts with having enough storage to keep worktops and flooring clear, which means that ensuring adequate and organised storage is critical”  There are clever storage ideas for kitchens of all sizes in our kitchen storage guide.

There are certain ‘groups’ of storage requirements in  kitchens, the main ones being food, pots and pans, crockery, utensils/cutlery and small worktop appliances. What commonly happens is that people fragment their storage due to lack of space or well thought out storage options, meaning that there is a lack of organisation and these ‘groups’ become spread all over the place.

The key to good kitchen design comes from thinking about how and where items may be kept and how they relate to each other, making the room usability fluid for the kitchen user.

Corner Storage options

If you are reliant on using the corner cupboards in your kitchen, it is possible to transform these from impractical to useful. Paul, Ream Kitchen Designer, comments that corner pull out options allow “kitchenware and food items to be easily organised and accessible. Pull outs in the corner cupboards allow you to  access your  nutri-bullet, food processor or slow cooker with ease.” With corner solutions, the once hard-to-reach areas are now bought to your fingertips.

Dennis, Ream Kitchen Designer at our New Eltham showroom designs kitchens’ with maximum practicality in mind for his Clients. “Many clients keep their pots and pans in the back corners, which they struggle to reach daily. The corner pull outs in the new design eliminated this issue completely”.

Food storage ideas

Getting to the back of a cupboard once it has been filled can be a real hassle. Larders with internal pull outs are a great way to store food, allowing you to see and reach contents with ease. Dennis adds “the rotation of food and organisation becomes simple and you don’t ‘lose’ things to the back.” You will be amazed at how much kitchen larders can store and how beautiful they look.

The space tower option is one of the most popular and practical options in the market. Each drawer is operated independently with smooth running components, capable of holding 50kg of weight per drawer. Paul adds that “well organised food storage can be an issue but this easily accessible storage option keeps it simple.”

Crockery, Utensils and Cutlery options

Have you ever wondered the best way to organise your crockery? Keep your dishes neatly stacked with pull out drawers and adjustable dividers to organise plates and bowls. It can be an unusual concept to those that are used to keeping these items in cupboards, but the idea improves accessibility and is a very popular option in a new kitchen.

Similarly with cutlery and utensil storage, this is often either kept in pots on the worksurface or split into several drawers due to space limitations. The popularity of pan drawers invites storage of these items in the top large drawers, keeping everything visible and well arranged.

The Kitchen pantry continues to be popular on kitchen wish lists. The interior is custom and adaptable to your needs. Lara comments that “in larger kitchens, it can be desirable for some to have a ‘breakfast’ or ‘drinks’ unit which can be used and then any messy areas closed away behind doors.”

Storage ideas for Kitchen bins

One of people’s biggest kitchen frustrations is the kitchen bin. Gone are the days when one bin was for everything- with the introduction of recycling and splitting up of waste in recent years, most homes now have multiple bins. These can be bulky, messy, unsightly, and take up a large amount of floor space, as well as getting in the way. There are multiple different options of hiding these away, with built in recycling centres or hidden bin options. They can be very closely customised to suit the level, quantity and separation requirements for each household.

In Conclusion…

Why not let clever kitchen storage techniques work harder for you? From storage ideas for pots and pans, to storing bulky items with easy access, to corner cabinets bringing the contents of the cupboard out to you. Let the Ream Kitchen Designers give you a helping hand. Get to know what storage solutions are best for you by visiting our showroom or contacting one of our Designers for more informationAlternatively visit our clever storage page to get more inspiration.

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