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What Can We Learn About Our Kitchens at Christmas?

Christmas and the festive period are undeniably the busiest time of year for our kitchens. From cooking the Christmas dinner and hosting fabulous soirees to just sitting down to take stock over a cuppa and a mince pie, it’s at this time of year when your kitchen really comes into its own. And with so much activity going on, what better time to think about how you use your space and how you can make improvements that will transform your kitchen the whole year round? We’ve put together some tips that will enhance your kitchen this Christmas as well as throughout the year.

Setting the Mood

The festive period never fails to conjure up images of glowing firesides and twinkling fairy lights, and whether you’re snuggling up with a mulled wine or inviting guests over for drinks and nibbles, setting a cosy and sophisticated mood in your kitchen is incredibly important. Decorating your kitchen with candles and luxurious soft furnishings like cushions and throws will certainly enhance the inviting ambience, however, you might also want to consider some more permanent additions to your space.

Smart ambient lighting allows you to control the brightness from your phone so you can establish a gorgeous atmosphere whenever you want. Pair this with some great undercabinet task lighting so you’ve got somewhere to safely prepare food for your guests without interrupting the sophisticated tone. Introducing accent lighting throughout your kitchen will also achieve a wonderful glowing effect. Integrate strip lights around cabinet plinths and display storage to create a shimmering layered effect.

Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy

Though we vow to change our ways, every year we inevitably end up with cupboards bursting at the seams, and if your kitchen isn’t so well organised you might find the seams really do burst and the contents of your cupboards begin spilling out onto the worktops. At a time when you really need to use your kitchen for cooking and preparing food as well as impressing your guests, messy work surfaces are a huge inconvenience.

When planning your new kitchen be sure to include plenty of smart storage solutions; pantry style cupboards are increasingly popular and deep drawers make a much more accessible storage solution. The week before Christmas is the perfect time to conduct your yearly spring clean of the refrigerator, who needs olives that have been sitting open in the fridge for 10 months? If you love entertaining and sharing your home with guests why not go a step further and add a touch of luxury to your space with a fantastic wine cooler, perfect for making extra room in the fridge. Get smart with your storage at Christmas and you’ll reap the rewards all year long.

Making Guests Feel Comfortable

These days when we invite guests into our home, we often direct them straight to the kitchen, especially when the ‘always early’ types interrupt your busy preparations. We’ve all experienced the awkward hovering that results from not quite knowing where to put yourself when your host is otherwise engaged. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your guests, it’s important to plan in some casual seating arrangements.

A breakfast bar or kitchen island provides a natural focal point to the room and offers the perfect spot to gather your visitors. When planning your seating consider the flow of your space and be careful not to block walkways to important practical areas like your fridge or sink. A wine cooler will come in handy again here as it means your guests can help themselves to drinks without getting in your way, everyone’s happy!  

Efficient Practical Capabilities

When it comes to nailing the Christmas dinner, you’ll want to set yourself up for success with some fantastic kitchen appliances. Home technology is constantly evolving and with the latest advent in smart cooking appliances, preparing perfect meals every time is increasingly achievable. Steam cooking guarantees your turkey will be succulent on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside, while opting for a modern oven with self-cleaning technology means you can flick a switch and fall into a contented slumber knowing the hard work is taken care of. If your kitchen is busy with guests, then consider choosing quiet appliances so you can enjoy socialising while you cook. And opt for a fantastic extractor to make sure cooking odours don’t ruin the ambience. The latest kitchen technology will make hosting a doddle at Christmas and all year round.

Thinking about how we use our kitchens when they’re put under stress is a sure-fire way to pinpoint any weaknesses in your design, and often finding out what you don’t like about your space is the best way to make a plan of what to change and how to improve your new interior. Hopefully, our guide has given you some inspiration on how to enhance your existing kitchen as well as giving you an insight into some of the things to consider when planning your latest project.

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