What is a Shaker Kitchen?

From contemporary to classic kitchens, the “Shaker” cabinet style has certainly stood the test of time, remaining remarkably popular to this day. You will more than likely have heard of this type of kitchen and may have a few questions about it. At Ream Interiors, our Kitchen Designers in Kent can help to answer these questions for you, from what a shaker kitchen actually is to advising on colour schemes and costs. To give you an initial introduction we have put together this handy article.

What is a shaker kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen style was founded in the late 1700s by a religious community who believed in honesty and simplicity and thus decreed that every object within the home must have a practical use. The Shaker cabinet has a square frame and recessed panel profile. The panel can be split into one or more sections by using pieces know as mid-rails. They were traditionally constructed from pine, cherry or maple wood, however, are now often produced from more sustainable woods such as oak or birchwood. The quality of the timber and fundamental functionality of the cabinetry is the essence of a Shaker Kitchen.

What is a shaker kitchen style?

Shaker style kitchens take an uncluttered and orderly approach to design, creating an understated and elegant aesthetic. The timeless and unfussy design complements both classic and country style kitchens as well as more modern, contemporary environments. The recessed panels are either bevelled or plain to create a detailed or more minimal look. Colour schemes are characteristically muted and tasteful to maintain an elegant and simple design, a hand-painted finish gives a sophisticated feel. Kitchen islands are a popular addition to a shaker style kitchen boosting the functionality of the space.

What colour is a shaker kitchen?

Contemporary shaker kitchens come in a large selection of colours from white, blues, greys and woodgrain finishes, allowing you to find your perfect colour. Choosing from a stunning classic colour palette achieves a bespoke kitchen that complements the rest of your home beautifully.

Can you paint a shaker kitchen?

You most certainly can paint a shaker kitchen and the knowledgeable designers at Ream Interiors can help to guide you on how to approach this. Available from gloss to woodgrain to painted, there is an option for your lifestyle and preferred look. Matte paint adds to the authenticity of this kitchen style.

How much does a shaker kitchen cost?

How much a shaker kitchen costs will always depend on your requirements, needs and most importantly: your budget. We’ve written a whole post about how much a brand new kitchen can cost and you can read it here. There’s a lot to think about when budgeting for a new kitchen from supplier costs to fitting and buying materials. For a quote that is fully inclusive, you can rely on Ream.

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