Five Compact Design Ideas to Make the Most of A Small Kitchen

Keep it clean, light and bright

Opting for a light colour scheme is, without doubt, one of the most effective techniques for making a small kitchen appear larger. Giving your kitchen the ‘all-white’ treatment will help it expand into the background by reflecting light throughout the space and creating a seamless effect from floor to ceiling. A strict palette will help your kitchen to look pulled-together, streamlined and well-ordered, choose no more than three colours and stick to them. Keeping elements tailored, sleek and smooth helps create a more spacious feel.

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Clever Storage

In a small kitchen effective storage that makes the most of limited space is essential. Drawers are often more useful and accessible than cupboards, from which you often need to pull everything out to find what you’re looking for. Wide, deep drawers are not only ideal for storing pans, they can accommodate everything else that normally sits on a shelf and more. A slim drawer beneath the oven makes a handy spot for baking trays and chopping boards.

Larder units are an excellent storage feature, usually added as part of a run of cupboards in a fitted kitchen. With internal door storage, they make the perfect space for storing cooking ingredients and even appliances. Clever storage adds a balance between form and function. With pull out base cabinets, corner cabinets and lift up systems, there are several neat options that can be incorporated in your kitchen to maximise space. Read our guide to Kitchen Storage Ideas to get more information.

Scale down your appliances

There are many options for smaller kitchens when it comes to appliances. Built-in ovens can be installed in a vertical column to save space, as well as adding compact ovens, microwaves, and steam ovens or consider opting for multitasking devices. Slimline dishwashers are ideal space savers, with up to a generous nine plate capacity. Some hobs offer a linear design or domino configuration to save valuable worktop space. Ask your kitchen designer for advice and support on finding the best layout to accommodate the appliances you need.

Create a Breakfast Bar

A simple worktop extension has the potential to fit in the smallest of spaces, providing a neat dining area for two. Having a place to sit and enjoy a morning tea or coffee or just take a break is essential. Recently our kitchen experts designed a bespoke dining area for clients in West Wickham. The table sits below the kitchen worktop which features a handy drawer for placemats and napkins.

Keep it Simple

If your kitchen is truly tiny, it’s wise to keep the design simple, as you’re likely to have a lot going on in a compact area. Stick to one or two colours and choose similar shades for cabinets and walls. A small sink means more worktop space and a built-in extractor fan preserves the line of a cabinet run – and may offer a smidgen of extra storage above, too.
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