How much should I pay for a kitchen?

Buying your dream kitchen can seem like a daunting task. With a host of different components to consider and companies to choose from, understanding how much to budget can be difficult, and honestly, there is no easy answer when it comes to defining a definitive price. In this short article, we have put together a whistle-stop guide of the features that will affect the price of your kitchen. You can see a more in-depth breakdown of how we price your kitchen by clicking here.


The first thing that springs to mind when considering a new kitchen is the furniture, which includes the cupboards, drawers, doors and all the parts that form the body of your kitchen.

Different styles of furniture (such as shaker, slab, handleless or in-frame kitchens) have various types of construction, some more complex than others. This, alongside the materials, will have a bearing on the price you pay. Below are the main styles in ascending price order:

Slab £
Shaker ££
Handleless ££
True Handleless £££
In-Frame £££££

You can find out more about the different furniture styles and materials by clicking here.

Furniture Cost: To give you an idea of just how much to budget for kitchen furniture, you should find it somewhere in the region of £4,000-£20,000.


The most heavily used element of your kitchen. Although not always our first consideration, they can make a big difference to the aesthetic of your kitchen and represent a large part of your budget. Options to consider are laminate at the lower end, compact, mistral and timber are mid-range and at the more pricey end, granite, quartz, Corian, marble and Dekton.

Material is not the only price consideration when choosing a worktop, some worktops involve maintenance, and some require specialist fitting. Other factors that may increase the price include, special cutting for the sink, drainage grooves, upstands and splashbacks.

Worktop Costs: To budget for your worktop, you should expect to pay anywhere in the region of £500-£7,000


Perhaps surprisingly the most expensive component, there are two approaches to choosing the right appliances for you and your budget. First, we recommend you make a list. It is almost impossible to add an appliance to your kitchen design once it has been installed so you must be confident you have everything you need. The standard range of appliances include an oven, microwave, hob & extractor, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer. You may also want to consider some luxurious extras such as a warming drawer, wine cooler, waste disposal or coffee machine.

Once you’ve determined what you need you can decide how you will source the appliances. We have some money-saving tips; try and re-use what you can, purchase freestanding appliances, accept a shorter warranty, buy unbranded appliances, go second-hand, look for deals/cashback and shop with an online supplier. It is important to let your kitchen designer know if there are appliances you intend to reuse. By following these tips, you could find yourself spending £500-£2,000.

Alternatively, for the capabilities you desire you may wish to invest in new appliances. High tech appliances make a luxurious addition to your kitchen increasing efficiency and functionality, and you can expect to pay anything from £4,000 – £15,000.


Often overlooked, the installation of your kitchen is of utmost importance. Expensive and luxurious furniture won’t live up to expectations if fitted poorly. Read through some of the installation options below.

Supply Only– The bare bones of your kitchen will be supplied for you to fit yourself.

Dry Fit– You are responsible for preparing the space, the kitchen company will install your kitchen. Ensures a good quality fit and assurance that any issues down the line will be dealt with. £2000-£4000

Full Install– The kitchen company project manages the whole process. This is ideal if you don’t have time to organise the kitchen fit yourself and should provide the highest quality install. Price ranges from £2000-£7000

Final Touches

Don’t forget the final touches to complete your stunning kitchen, things like, flooring, tiles, lighting, electricals, unit internals and splashbacks.

It is important you leave room in your budget for the finishing touches to flawlessly complete your kitchen. You should generally allow £500-£4000.

There are many factors that will affect the price of your kitchen, and hopefully this quick guide gives you the confidence that you will find a beautiful kitchen to suit your budget. For a more detailed breakdown you can read our extensive guide here.


At Ream Interiors we have over 40 years’ experience in providing award-winning kitchens. Our friendly and trustworthy team are more than happy to help find you the perfect kitchen for your budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, you can do this by clicking here. If you would like to start your dream kitchen project book an online appointment by clicking here.

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