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7 Beautiful Kitchen Design Trends For 2019

Thinking about updating your current kitchen or completely transforming it?   Then it’s worth knowing what’s popular among other homeowners and designers before making any drastic decisions.

In 2019, kitchen design is all about amalgamating the practicalities required to cook with the home comforts essential to living. This includes everything from extractor fans which look more like a feature than an appliance to shaker kitchens built for entertaining and making food.

With this in mind, we’ve used our expertise to uncover some of the biggest trends this year that will help you create your dream kitchen design.

Go Green

More and more homeowners are looking to align their kitchen with the great outdoors, choosing rich and deep tones like hunter green and night watch.

While the popularity of navy and grey probably aren’t set to fade away anytime soon, the cosy and vintage feel of green is undoubtedly a perfect alternative for traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Choose clean lines

When it comes to considering kitchen design ideas, detailing and edging on cabinetry and surfaces has been a staple over the past few years.

However, people are starting to opt for clean, clear lines – including the ceiling fittings.

This particular trend gives the room a modern and minimalist feel, which makes the design look like its ahead of its time.

Incorporate wood

The kitchen design trend for natural timbers is set to continue in 2019, with more innovative styles literally popping out of the woodwork!

The best part about wood is that it’s versatile and can work with almost every style of kitchen. Whether you go for a striking dark stained veneer or a timeless natural oak, wood will add warmth, texture and character to your kitchen design.

To add a tactile finish, try combining wood cabinetry and stone-finish work surfaces.

Make a display

Sometimes accessories, utensils and other goodies are just too pretty to hide. One of the more interesting kitchen design trends for 2019 is the appeal of incorporating open shelving, glazed display cabinets and modular units.

If this is done right, you can successfully inject some personality into your kitchen, without it looking cluttered.

Shake on a shaker style

Shaker style kitchens are still among the most popular kitchen design trends due to their effortless and timeless appearance.

The name originates from The Shakers, a religious group who emigrated to the US from the UK in the late 18th century. These self-sufficient people were craftspeople who produced all the furnishings for their communities. What makes shaker furniture so special is that it reflects their simple lifestyle and their love of quality materials.

Renowned for its minimalist aesthetic and durability, your kitchen will maintain its “wow” factor for many years to come.

A shaker kitchen will really shine in shades of green, grey or alternative industrial styles.

Start from the floor

Interestingly, one of the more forgotten elements of any kitchen design is the floor – which is surprising when it’s integral to every room in the house!

If you choose a light paint for the walls or cabinetry, you should think about creating contrast with the floor by opting for a dark stain. This helps make the room appear cosy and more inviting during the colder months.

For a slightly softer and bespoke feel, choose stools or chairs that have feet and match your darker floors.

Insert an extractor fan

Extractor fans are no longer just a practical addition to a kitchen design.

Instead, they can look more like a statement light which can be hidden behind doors or be included within the worktop itself.

Just because an extractor fan is solely designed to keep the house from smoking up, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of your kitchen design.

A stylish cooker hood can add height to the kitchen and even work as a focal point where cooking is made the star attraction.

For a slightly more subtle approach, a ceiling extractor fan like the Blanco Campo II Extractor by Gutmann looks more like a lighting panel than a practical mechanism. Some models like the Elica Celestial Extractor can even do both, helping you to illuminate your cooking area.

Or if you want something super stylish, cooker hood extractor fans that resemble stunning pendant lights are becoming more commonplace, with many offering the added benefit of touch control technology.


Trying to pick every little element of a kitchen isn’t always easy, especially if you have a lot of unique requirements or particular preferences.

If you like a few of these kitchen design trends, you should book a free consultation with us.

One of our professional interior designers will use the latest technology to create a photorealistic 3D model of your dream kitchen, enabling you to customise it to fit your needs.

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